Distribuciones Textiles Komett, S.L company founded in 1987 with a long experience in the sale of curtains and curtains. Pioneer in the approach of selling through samples since 1981, it is in the year 1988 when it begins its career totally professionalized with this system. Already in the year 1993 we began to make own articles with the brand Dinolar. At present we have 2200 square meters prepared to offer an agile and fast service to our more than 1400 clients.
Parts division: Since 2007, when we acquired the distribution of the Norfil brand from the Flotats group, sixty percent of our sample is made nationally, especially the whole range of classic curtains, basically articles that include Polyester and Linen.
We do not market Asian products, always articles from the EEC or with countries special relations with the EEC, our quality control and the deep conviction to safeguard and enhance the national and European product are basic criteria is our business philosophy.
Division footage: Komett was a pioneer in the sale of textile articles for the decoration in footage, through our brands we have always tried to provide products adapted to all the public, basically the articles in footage are exclusive, so we try to guarantee and protect To our customers.
This philosophy of exclusivity is also used in the areas, so Komett does not crowd their samples and we try to delimit zones and populations to the customers who, due to their fidelity and dedication, continue to maintain us as a regular supplier.